Live Edge Slabs


What is a slab?

A live edge slab is different from regular board lumber. Typically live edge slabs are much wider than regular lumber and span the entire width of the log from which it was cut. When milling live edge slabs, the natural contour of the log is left on the tree, giving the board a variety of unique characteristics. Burls, crotch grain, ambrosia intrusion, grain swirling, mineral stains, quilting, birds eye figure, quarter sawn rays, and tiger striping can be revealed.

live edge slabs air dry in the Local Wood Berryville yard

Each slab is unique, like your project.

Select from a variety of live edge slabs for table tops, countertops, bars, kitchen island tops, shelves, mantels, and many other applications. Select a slab and base to create a dining table to last generations. Select a slab and its book match for an extra large surface like a conference table to impress the board of directors. A unique slab will bring natural beauty to your home or business.