Why Reclaimed


Local Wood turns locally sourced, reclaimed hardwoods from fallen trees or antique lumber into finely crafted wood products for your home or business.

Owners Scott Carpenter and Charlie Beach are involved in every stage of the process. From fallen  trees or old barns, Local Wood handles transporting, drying and milling of the wood. Local Wood can mill and finish your lumber to exact specifications for your project.  


Living Local. It's the right thing to do.

You’ve heard of "farm to table", now consider "land to living" room.  Enhance your space with natural wood tables, countertops, mantels, flooring,  doors, beams, moldings, custom millwork. Locally sourced wood products are beautiful, sustainable, and responsible. 


Your wood choice has a story to tell.

Select a specie off the rack or ask Local Wood to preserve a tree on your property by transforming it into a unique piece for your home. We can turn that fallen white oak into a beautiful kitchen table, hardwood flooring, or even a new front door. Mount Vernon, the Upperville Horse Show grounds and Willowsford are just a few of the Virginia landmark properties that Local Wood has turned trees into wood products for future generations. 

Visit Local Wood to make your vision a reality


Select from unique slabs with natural edges, mantels, milled antique lumber, reclaimed beams, and shorts for your creative projects

at the Local Wood Leesburg and Berryville stores. The Local Wood team is there to guide your project to completion.  For the homeowner ordering a table or working with a contractor; the woodworking professional; or part time woodworker, Local Wood has the quality reclaimed, locally harvested, sawn slabs and dried hardwood lumber for the job.


Local Wood, Local Craftsmen

All our wood products are shaped and finished at the Local Wood workshop, along the railroad tracks in Berryville, Virginia. The spacious, apple packing plant was purchased by Carpenter and Beach in 2013. That's where our craftsman hand build and finish hardwood products of lasting beauty .


Local Wood works with the client to design, produce, and often install onsite the finished product to exact specifications.

Why Local Wood


Local Wood was established in 2009

by Charlie Beach and Scott Carpenter, two local businessmen. Beach felt there was a need to convert locally harvested trees, and wood from old structures slated to be torn down, into lumber to be used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, moldings and other wood products.


Beach and Carpenter both felt there would be a demand for local wood products

by homeowners and professional woodworkers alike. Homeowners who have trees on their properties that need to be removed for safety reasons, or that fell down naturally and need to be disposed of, would like to see the resource converted into a finished product, which would bring natural beauty to their homes. The Local Wood store in Berryville, Va. was set up to cater to just these types of end users.


Scott Carpenter and Charlie Beach, also owners of Carpenter Beach Construction, were raised and continue to live with their families in Loudoun County, Virginia. Their reputation as a professional home building and renovation company is vetted by time, experience, and high quality work in Loudoun, Clarke, and the northern Virginia area. In early 2006, Scott and Charlie merged their own successful construction businesses into one, Carpenter Beach Construction, together combining years of experience building customer and subcontractor relationships in their community.